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Application and Halal Certification Procedure

| Update:2011/1/8 |


Fill in and submit the application form


Evaluation submitted by JHA

Required Documents (please attach the following support documents):

Company profile (Company’s name, address, Tel and Fax, email ..)

Name and information of the type of business/activity

Copy of Business Registration

Name and product description

Contents of ingredients and flavoring

Ingredients and flavoring products manufacturers/suppliers information (company name, address, contacts, Halal certification)

Halal Manual Plan

Packaging specifications and materials list

Manufacturing process and procedures

quality control

Incomplete applications will not be accepted by the association

Documents examination is based on the following guideline:

Inspection according to Islamic Law (Sharia),

Technical research

Food Science

Food Hygiene

Certification Fee ? Quotation

The association will establish a quotation based on the type of industry

Foodstuff and consumable commodities manufacturers

Abattoirs (Meat slaughtering industry)

Catering (restaurants, hotels, cafes, food courts…….)

Drug industry

Cosmetics Business

Shipping/ Transportation Industry

Financial Industry

Payment should be completed on the specified due date


2.Certification procedure


First On-site Visit

To check the company’s compliance with the Halal standards based on the documents submitted with the application, a first on-site visit will be scheduled.

The association will appoint at least two auditors to conduct the first visit and audit of premises/production line. Auditors involved in this program include specialist in food management and an Islamic jurist.


First audit program will include plant visit (raw material check, handling premises, warehousing, cleaning and disinfecting chemicals utilized, production line, quality control system, packaging material and process, transportation), documentation compliance, and meeting with the personnel in charge, executive and management team.

Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

Following the first on-site visit, the auditors will submit an audit report and results to the business manager with a list of corrective action requests.

The applicant will agree with the auditors about the time frame during which he will respond to the CAR and rectify the non-conformance points.

The auditors’ report and results will be submitted to the Halal Certification Board of the association.

Follow Up Audit -Second On-site Visit –

The company will rectify and correct according to CAP and submit corrective documents

A follow up audit and a second on-site visit will then be scheduled to check if all corrective actions have been undertaken as requested, and check the compliance and conformity of the plants to the Halal standards.

If the company is not complaint to halal standards at the second inspection, a third inspection will be required

Based on the final auditors’ report, if the compliance to world halal standards has been cleared and confirmed, the halal certification committee will proceed to the certification authorization and issuance.

If non-conformance is still reported, the committee will require another auditing and inspection. In some cases the application will be rejected.


2.2Halal Certification

When the company has complied with above mentioned halal procedures and requirements, the halal certificate issuance procedure begins.

Once we approve certification, a halal logo will be issued as a proof of your products certification. Only for domestic market, halal logo can be omitted on the packaging if the company wishes not to use logo on their certified products.

To prevent the abuse and misuse of halal logo by other individuals or companies other than the certified company, a serial number will be issued for every certified company.

It will take two to three months from the application to the issuance of the halal certificate. For your business convenience please let us if you wish a better timeframe.

Halal Certification Board decisions are final and are not subject to negotiation.

Halal certification is subject to subsequent monitoring

Halal certificate is valid for one year from the date of issue.

Third Inspection / Surveillance Audit

A surveillance audit will be conducted few months after the Halal certificate and Halal log have been issued, in order to ensure that the company is functioning in accordance to the requirements and that Halal standards are maintained (improvement performed on premises and production line, the use of halal logo……).

Should any changes occur or be brought to the business, products, ingredients, premises…after the issuance of the certificate, please contact us stating the nature and date of the changes.

Cases of Minor Changes: such as changes related to cleaning, sanitary, management

Cases of Major Changes: such as related to ingredients, seasoning process, machinery changed or moved

Any changes made deliberately without informing us might result in the revocation of the Halal certificate.

Third inspection will be conducted at the auditors’ discretion on irregular basis on the certified place, depending on the industry and products. Therefore, fees will be charged separately.

Halal Certificate Renewal/ Update

Please apply for certificate renewal 6 months before the expiry date of your certificate.

Renewal and update procedure will be conducted the same way as the first application.


The association reserves the right to revoke the halal certificate any time during the certificate validation period, if a company is found not compliant to Islamic law and halal standards.

If any non halal product has been used or found in the certified product will result in the revocation of the certificate and may lead to legal actions

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