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| Update:2011/1/8 |
  • Contribution (Individual/ Corporate): Any contribution to support JHA -3000 yen/person (Individual), 10,000 yen/person (Corporate)

Where to send?

Account name: NPO houjin Nihon Halal kyokai

Name of Bank: Amagasaki shinyou kinko (Hirano Branch)

Account type: Normal Account No. 4019233


Halal Certification Guideline

When applying for the halal certification, please make sure you understand the following requirement and criteria:

1.Every manufacturer should produce only Halal products

2.Raw ingredients used in the production process must be halal

3.Contractors and sub-contractors must have halal certificate or supply halal material, and their certificate must be verified, otherwise, if applicant is unable to verify certificate of suppliers, contractors or sub-contractors, halal production cannot be approved, except for those whose finished include raw ingredients that do not require certification such as vegetable or fruits.

A staff in charge of the halal system should control and manage all the contractors and sub-contractors’ halal certificate

4.Halal Compliance within the Supply Chain

Make sure that material handling premises, production line, warehouse in compliance with halal procedures until delivery to the consumer.

To prevent that halal products cross contamination from non-halal products, manufacturing companies should make sure that production lines of both products are separated

5.Handling premises, production line, quality control, warehousing and transportation should be cleared according to HACCP, GHP, ISO22000, 2005(E) and GMP standards.

Staff working at production line should be Muslim. 10% of the staff involved in the manufacturing process should be Muslim.

International companies engaged in halal industry should appoint a halal system administrator in their company.

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