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Halal Manager and Halal Auditor training and exam

| Update:2012/5/1 |

Halal Manager training and exam (Food manufacturing)

Qualification:Companies whom in the process or completed Halal certification, Individuals who are in Food manufacturing industries, or considering to be involved in Halal manufacturing.

Purpose of training:In overseas, to hire Muslim workers at the plant of Halal manufacturing is obligated but in Japan as there are less numbers of Muslim, it is difficult for the company to hire any qualified person or accept the cost that occurs, but as it is very dangerous not to have anyone who has basic knowledge of Halal or how and why they are producing Halal products at their plant, it can cause to have false halal products or unreliable halal resources in the market eventually which is very risky for Muslim consumers. Therefore in JHA’s halal standard, it is obligated for Halal certified companies to place Halal Managers at least one at a plant who have been trained with basic knowledge of Halal and understand the whole process of Halal manufacturing by taking this training course and pass the exam, and to hold a qualification as ‘Halal Manager’. It is obliged for Halal certified companies to take the course and qualification, and at the same time we invite anyone from public who wishes to have the knowledge of Halal and use it for their own field of work.

Date:28 to 29th June 2012 (2days) 9am reception open, lesson finish 5pm

Venue:Osaka Sangyo souzoukan 大阪産業創造館 (Upto 30 participants) If the numbers of participants are more or less, we may change the venue accordingly.

Contents:Basic of Halal (Sharia, Halal food industry) , Halal Standard, Food technology, Halal certified company and its role, Exam

Cost:Public 18000yen/1person, JHA member 13000yen/1person (Including text and qualification certificate)

After the training : Result will be informed individually, and for the ones who passed the exam will receive Halal manager certificate.

Halal Lead Auditor training (Food manufacturing) @Malaysia

Organized by IHI and IIUM International Islamic University of Malaysia

Qualification: ① Being a Muslim:The ones who wishes to work as Halal auditor in Japan and overseas, the one who can take the class and exam in English.

② Non Muslim:The ones who wishes to have Halal auditor knowledge (Not able to be an auditor by being non Muslim), obligated to take the Halal manager training and exam before hand. the ones who can take the class and exam in English.

Purpose of training:As being an Halal Auditor under international Halal standard in overseas and in Japan, it will encourage to penetrate Halal products in the society. After getting the qualification, you can be one of the Halal Auditor of JHA if you wish to, and help our activities in Halal. As it is used international halal standard, the qualification can be used in any IHI recognized countries certification body.

For non Muslim participants, you will not be able to have the lead auditor’s qualification but as it is a very essential knowledge for you to be in the Halal industry. As it is not suitable for the ones who has no basic knowledge of Halal, you may take the Halal manager’s training and exam beforehand.

Date:2nd to 5th July 2012 (3days)

Venue:Sri hatamas Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, IHI office

Contents:2days class room, 1day site audit training, 3.5hours exam

Cost:Direct apply to IHI: Public 750$(1$@80yen About60000yen)IHI member 700$(About 56000yen)、Apply to JHA:650$(About 52000yen) Others:Flight ticket, hotel accommodation etc.

After the training: Halal Lead Auditor certificate will be issued by IHI, for non Muslim Complete course certificate will be issued by IHI

Date of closing for application: 15th June 2012

Fill the application below and send to info@jhalal.com , fax, or post

application form: 受講申込書

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