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Muslim Halal restaurant owners in Japan

| Update:2012/8/20 |

Everyday, we receive requests from people who is wishing to have Halal meals in Japan. But unfortunately we are unable to give out information easily and most of the questioners are Muslims. On internet, if you search for Halal restaurant we can access to the information but why are they questioning us? It is because they are looking for the assurance. They want to know if those Halal restaurants are really halal and make sure before they actually visit and eat.

Our policy does not allow to introduce any premises without our inspection, this is to ensure the Halal integrity. This is our respect to our brothers and sisters in Islam and for our deen.

We are here to inspect your premises at minimum cost, and we are hoping to have as many Muslim owners to be participated.

More information please contact us at info@jhalal.com

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