• 2010
    Birth of NPO Japan Halal Association
  • 2011
    Started training for Muslim Service Hospitality and Halal Manger
  • 2012
    Approved by JAKIM, Government of Malaysia
  • 2013
    Attendance & Exhibition at the 2nd Halal Middle East Conference in UAE Approved by Singapore MUIS
  • 2014
    Malaysia World Halal Summit 2014 MIHAS Japan Pavilion Established Ramadan Iftar Kai Organizer Kobe City Muslim Friendly Site Supervised Kobe City Restaurant Survey Established Tokyo Office Accepted interns from the University of Oslo Conducted a restaurant survey in Osaka City The 1st Halal Chef Course was held
  • 2015
    Attendance at the Halal Subcommittee, Export Promotion Division, Food Industry Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Malaysia World Halal Summit 2015 MIHAS Japan Pavilion Established Winner of the “2015 MIHAS Innovation Award”
  • 2016
    Dispatch of seminar advisors to accept Muslim tourists in Tokyo Metropolitan Government Malaysia World Halal Summit 2016 MIHAS Japan Pavilion Established First Certification from GAC, Approved Authority for Gulf States Japan
  • 2017
    First Japan accreditation from the UAE Government ESMA OIC Muslim World Biz Japan Pavilion Established The 68th Food Industry Fair, 28th Food Business Show Exhibit Seminar and Advisor Dispatch for Accepting Muslim Tourists in Tokyo Tokyo Metropolitan Government Correspondence with Muslims in the Prefecture Study Group Kyoto Prefecture Dealing with Muslims for Foreign Tourists Dispatching Advisors Nantanshi City
  • 2018
    Establishment of the Halal Science Society Appointed as a Board Member Establishment of the International Exchange Meeting between Malaysian University of Science Islam and Toyonaka High School Acceptance of two interns from Malaysian Science Islamic University Conducted a restaurant survey in Osaka City Exhibited at the 69th Food Service Industry Fair and the 29th Food Business Show Thailand Mutual recognition of CICOT Acquired
  • 2019
    Approval obtained from MUI in Indonesia Chiba International Education Exchange Project Chiba Prefecture INHAC2019 International Halal Symposium Cooperation 2nd IHAB, MIHAS2019,JAKIM convention, World Halal conference participation 70th Food Industry Fair Cooperative exhibition 30th Food Business Show Cooperative exhibition
  • 2020
    Halal Certification Standard JHAS1002:2019 Established Taiwan THIDA Mutual Recognition Acquired
  • 2021
    Introduction of remote work and remote audit

Media Coverage

AERA, “Happy with Religion

Cabinet Office spokesman “Highlighting Japan”

  • 2012-2015 Travel Journal
  • 2014 Al Jazeera
  • 2015 Tosho Shimbun “From the bottom of Tokyo”
  • Aichi International Association “Aichi International Plaza”
  • Mainichi Broadcasting Chichipuipui
  • Radio Osaka “Morning Rider! I’m Takao Fujikawa”
  • AERA: “Be Happy with Religion”
  • 2016 NHK Delusional Japanese Cuisine Appearance
  • Mainichi Shimbun “Pagan Neighbors”
  • 2017 Submitted to the August 2017 issue of JAS Information Magazine Japan Agricultural Standards Association of Japan
  • 2019 Cabinet Office Public Relations Newspaper “Highlighting Japan”

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