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Establishment of Worship Centers

Muslims have time to pray five times a day. Whether it’s traveling, working, shopping or playing, thet worship when the time comes. If they’re on the go, they may have a hard time finding a space to worship. Generally, they can use them wherever there is a prayer hall (mosque) or a place of worship (musallah), but if there is no special space, they may choose a place that seems to be quietly visible, such as a park or a staircase landing. It takes a lot of courage to worship at a glance, and if it is a private space, they can not use the place without permission, and if they are seen by others, they may be reported as suspicious, so they can not concentrate on worship. In addition, cleansing will be done before the service, but if there is no dedicated facility, they will use the general washroom. They are often embarrassed because their behavior seems strange in the eyes of non-Muslims. Recently, since the number of Muslim tourists visiting Japan has increased, prayer spaces have been scattered in major cities in major stations and airports, as well as in the streets. There are not a few cases where it is temporarily closed, such as when use is delayed, but it is a very grateful service. Consider the benefits of the provider in terms of creating that space there. For example, in the case of shopping malls and department stores, it will be possible for Muslim consumers to use facilities for a longer period of time, so there will be more opportunities to shop there, restaurants, etc. As for airports and train stations, it is possible to accurately manage and secure facilities by eliminating the need to use spaces that should not be used without permission. I think that a wonderful initiative to provide services with the spirit of hospitality that thinks about users and provides services will surely reach the hearts of users.

What is necessary for the establishment of a place of worship

When installing a prayer space that can be used by Muslims at commercial facilities, stations and airports, accommodation facilities, restaurants, etc., when installing it simply, it is sufficient to provide only a clean and worship space, but when installing as a musallah, it is even better if there are the following things.

* A space where more than one person can enter in a clean and quiet manner (it is even better if there is a space for men and women separately)
* Small purification hall (easy to use if it is adjacent to a place where you do wud, a place where water is available, and a restroom)
* Qibla (arrow pointing in the direction of Mecca)
* Prayer mat
* Women’s prayer clothes (nice to have)
When praying, put their head on the floor, they  sit on the floor, so it will be easier to use if there is a carpet on the floor.

Services for the establishment of prayer facilities that we can provide (fee required)

  • Enforcement manual
  • Dispatch of construction staff (Islamic law practitioners)
  • Installation of Qibla and Qibla seal
  • Signage of prayer places for men and women
  • Prayer mats and women’s prayer clothes and other equipment are sold separately

Past construction examples:

Airport / Station Worship Facility Advisor Establishment of prayer halls in shopping malls in multiple cities (fully equipped)


About Qibla Installation

Every time they pray, they face the direction of Mecca. In addition to worshipping at home or in the space they usually use, there are individual differences when praying on the go, but they can usually find the direction using the Qibla compass or recently you they check it with a smartphone application. However, in the case of a compass, there may be rebar as a building material, it can not be accurately found by air conditioning equipment, and in the case of smartphones, there may be doubts about accuracy. Since it is important to pray to God, it is best to check the Qibla accurately in a quiet and clean place. Although it is a primitive method, Qibla is considered to be the most accurate method to check by the movement of the sun, and we use this method. This is set up by Muslims who are familiar with Islamic law. When the qibla is confirmed, attach the Qibla (arrow).

Past examples:

Installation of Qibla in all rooms of airport hotels and city hotels in multiple cities, etc.

Sale of Worship Equipment

Although we have limited availability, we offer the following: Prayer mat: 1,000 yen ~ 2,500 yen / 1 sheet Shipping fee and tax not included Prayer clothes (women): 1,000 yen / 1 sheet Shipping fee and tax not included Prayer hat (men and children): Free Free shipping fee not included

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