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Understanding the basics of Halal

Today, it is said that one in four people in the world is a Muslim. In Japan, opportunities to come into close contact with Muslims in local communities, companies, schools, etc. are increasing. Knowing the nature of the religion of Islam and the customs of those who practice it will become increasingly important in order to broaden our global perspective. In our courses, you will learn from basic knowledge of Islam, how to operate and manage halal certification, and how to treat Muslims, such as accepting the ever-increasing number of foreign tourists and corporate interns.

As a place to convey what we would like you to understand in advance about halal certification or accepting Muslims in various places, our association has been continuously holding this course for more than 10 years since 2011, the year after the establishment of the association.

The situation and content may change with the times, and we include the latest information in the training. In the first place, there is little information such as what is, what is halal certification, so it is tend to be misunderstood, so in the lectures and seminars conducted by our association, in order to understand as accurately as possible, we will start with “What is Islam” before talking about “What is halal” and “What is halal certification”. Halal certification is useful for the business of companies aiming to acquire Muslim consumers, but the halal certification system differs from general industrial standards because the word halal is based on Islam in the first place. This course aims to disseminate and share knowledge about halal widely among local governments, schools, hospitals, and business people who are considering implementing initiatives in the future. Currently, both the Muslim hospitality service manager and the Halal Manager Course are conducted online, and can be taken not only from Japan but also from overseas. It is also possible to hold the event on demand at a specific venue.


*This training is public training and not for specific company.

 Muslim Hospitality Service Course

There is an increasing trend in Japan for Muslim workers, tourists visiting Japan, international students, residents and Japan Muslims. Compared to before, there may be more opportunities to see and interact with Muslims in the streets. Many people take this course in order to acquire correct knowledge mainly in the tourism and restaurant industries, and to provide services with a higher level of satisfaction without causing unpleasant feelings to customers. Of course, students from other industries are also welcome. It can also be implemented as part of a school or university curriculum. A certificate of completion will be issued after the one-day course. It will be a lecture by two lecturers, a Muslim who works in a general company and a Muslim who has been a business owner for many years. We will introduce basic knowledge such as what Islam, what is halal, what is halal certification, what is a Muslim, etc., as well as actual on-site stories.

Halal Manager Training

After listening to the contents of the  Muslim Hospitality Service Manager Course on the first day, we will explain the contents of the halal certification audit as the content of the second day and how to operate and maintain halal certification with explanations of our halal certification standards for each clause. In addition, we will introduce contents related to cooperation with overseas certification organizations and the latest information. This course is taken by local governments, school education sites, and corporate officials who is going to work on halal in the future, or those who have already acquired halal certification and are taking it to strengthen halal certification management. Since the establishment of a halal manager is essential for acquiring halal certification, understanding this information plays a very important role in certification operation. A certificate of completion will be issued after the two-day course. The lecture will be given by two lecturers, an active auditor and the chairperson of our association. We will introduce it based on examples such as points to note and common mistakes in halal certification audits.

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