About Membership

How do I become a member of the NPO Japan Halal Association?
The NPO Japan Halal Association is looking for members from time to time. Please apply from the form on the “Membership Guide Japan Halal Association Member Application” page.
What are the conditions for membership as a member?
There are no specific conditions for membership. Students, individuals, and corporations can apply.

About Muslim Hospitality Service Course and Halal Manager Course

How do I apply for the course?
Please apply from “List of Seminars” on the website.
Is there a capacity for the number of participants?
Currently, the course is held online, so there is no capacity. Please apply at least 10 days before the start date.
If I take the course, will I get a certificate?
The exam will be conducted after the course is over. If you have reached a passing score, we will issue a certificate of completion. (Certificate of completion is valid for 3 years)
Do I need to prepare for my final exam?
Those who take the course are also those who have no knowledge at all. No prior study is required.
I would like to apply for membership and a course at the same time.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we need to do so separately from the website. When making a deposit, you can ask for it all together. The course is available at the membership price.

About the Prayer Room and Qibla

We are considering setting up a prayer room, but please tell us about the installation conditions and necessary items.
As long as the prayer room is clean and quiet, there are no special conditions for installation. However, whether its user friendly or not would be questionable. There are Muslims who check the Qibla that indicates the direction of prayer with a Qibla compass or a smartphone app, but in buildings with a reinforced steel structure, the magnet may not indicate the direction correctly, so it is appreciated for Muslims if the Qibla is installed in advance. We also recommend that Muslims prepare prayer mats and women’s prayer clothes they can use freely.
I’d like to buy a Qibla sticker.
The Association does not sell only the Qibla sticker. At the time of the establishment of Qibla, our Islamic law practitioner and Islamic adviser will be guiding you as an instructor. (Charged)

About Halal Certification

I would like to export to Malaysia, but is Halal certification required?
Not required. Halal certification is voluntary, and we obtain halal certification for the purpose of adding value by marking the product as halal, or we obtain halal certification because our business partners want us to obtain halal certification. , Most of the companies obtain Halal certification as part of their marketing. There are few consumers who only consume halal-certified products other than meat products, and I think that it is basically positioned as an additional information.
I would like to export to Indonesia, but is Halal certification required?
In recent years, a law called the JPH Law has been enforced in Indonesia, and it has become mandatory to mark products entering Indonesia as halal or not. If you want to display as halal, it is essential that you have obtained halal certification and that the organization or institution that has obtained the certification is approved by the country.
How do I obtain Halal certification?
Please go to “Halal Certification Procedure” and contact us from the “Inquiry Form“. The person in charge will contact you by e-mail with the procedure for obtaining certification.
Which halal certification standards do you use?
We use the Halal certification standard (JHAS1002:2019) that we have established independently. This standard is in line with the certification standards of countries that approved the Association (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, GCCs, etc.).
I would like to affix the Halal logo to a Halal Certified product.
The Halal logo must be printed directly on the product packaging. In order to prevent counterfeiting, it is not permitted to use the halal logo as a seal and affix it to certified products.
I would like an overseas factory/restaurant to be halal certified.
We certify only the facilities in Japan. When obtaining certification overseas, please obtain certification from a Halal certification body that is trusted in that country.

Other inquiries

There are several halal certification bodies in Japan, but what is the difference?

Since there are no legal regulations regarding Halal in Japan, there are many certification bodies (including individuals), and it is sometimes difficult to judge whether it is good or bad.
(1) Is the organization internationally recognized?
(If intended to export to a specific country, whether the entity is approved by the destination country)

(2) Whether the organization is credible and whether its certification activities are sustainable

is an important criterion.

We have received GSO2055-2 accreditation, including ISO/IEC17065 and ISO/IEC17021, which means that it is an organization that meets the requirements as an international certification organization.

As an organization, we are always conscious of how we operate in a ‘sustainable’ way. Japan Halal Association is the property of everyone involved. We continue to strive every day to pass on our precious assets to future generations.

I think it depends on what the motivation for obtaining certification is and how you want to use the certification, but the criteria for selecting a certification organization is to determine whether it is an organization that does not impair the credibility of the company. I think that choosing it because it is quick, cheap, and easy to acquire is a sufficient reason for that level of use, but it is necessary to judge whether you can put your company’s credibility on it. I would appreciate it if you could.

Which is correct, ‘halal’ or ‘halal’ for halal’s Japanese notation?
Recently, I have often seen halal and halal words in the domestic media. Our association adopts the notation ‘halal’ as stated in the name of the association. Halal is the original Arabic word for HALAAL. When pronunciated, the correct pronunciation is to stretch between ‘halal’ and la and lu. Therefore, The Correct Spelling is HALAL, and HALAL. In general, I would like to continue to spread the notation ‘halal’ in the future.
Is there a list of certified companies?
A list of certified companies can be found here. Japan Halal Association Halal Certified Companies List (Published companies only) * Since there are companies that do not wish to publish it, we do not disclose all of them.

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