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Tell me about Halal Imam Mohsen! Halal and haram are among the biggest themes in Islamic law. When Muslims do something on a daily basis, they first think about whether the action is halal or haram for them. Halal and haram in Islam encompass the whole life of a Muslim and are the gateway to happiness in this life and the next, as well as the crossroads of unhappiness.

What is legal in Islamic law is called halal, and what is illegal is called haram

Imam Mohsen Profile

Dr. Mohsen Shakir Bayoumy Mohsen Shaker Bayoumy Japan Vice President, Halal Association, Chairman of the Judging Committee, Chairman of the Shari’a Committee, Osaka Ibaraki Mosque Imam Born in Egypt, he came to Japan in 2000, has lived in Japan for 22 years, was one of the original members of the Japan Halal Association in 2010, served as an imam at the oldest Kobe Mosque in Japan for 10 years, and is now an imam at the Osaka Ibaraki Mosque, and is a good advisor and guidepost on Islam for Muslims living in Japan. Azhar University Egypt Completed 2010: Became a director of the Japan Halal Association 2011: Appointed as an Imam at Osaka Ibaraki Mosque 2012: Master’s degree in Islamic Studies, Cairo University 2016: Ph.D. in Islamic Studies, Cairo University

halal definition
As for what is lawful (Halal), it is what Allah Almighty and His Messenger Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) have permitted Muslims to do in their lives, Halal is not only restricted to what we can eat or drink, it is covering every aspect of Muslim’s lives in everyday activities.

Haram Definition
Haram is something that Allah Almighty and Prophet Muhammad forbade if you do it, and if you do it, you will be guilty and if you do not do it, you will get a good reward. In Islamic law, what is permissible and what is forbidden is the limit that Allah Almighty has shown to man.

To put it simply, halal is something that is allowed under Islamic law, and haram is forbidden thing, right?
Right. It’s a word we use when we make judgments about things in our lives in general, not just food.

It is also the purpose of Islam to encourage Muslims what is clean and good, and to forbid what is bad. The Holy Scriptures of the Quran tell us the following:

7:157 They are followers of prophets and apostles who do not know the letters. He is the one who is written and found in the law and gospel which they have. He commands them to do justice, and forbids them to do evil. and all good (pure) things are made lawful [halal], and bad (unclean) things are forbidden [haram].

Only Allah Almighty Decides Whether it is Halal or Haram

What Allah Almighty has decided to be halal is halal for Prophet Muhammad and halal for everyone. Halal is clear, and Haram is obvious.

“I have heard Allah Almighty’s angel say, O Allah, bless him and give him peace. What is allowed (halal) is obvious, and what is forbidden (haram) is also clear, but there are dubious things between the two that many people do not know. Therefore, whoever avoids suspicious things will be spared [from mistakes] in regard to his religion and honor, while whoever sets foot in them will commit forbidden acts. This is just like a herdsman who keeps animals around a sanctuary and risks grazing animals in the sanctuary. Verily, every king has a sanctuary, but the sanctuary of Allah Almighty is its various prohibitions. Verily, there is a piece of flesh in the body, and when it is whole, the whole body is healthy, but when it rots, the whole body is also rotten. That [piece of flesh] is none other than the heart.” From Hadith

I see! Both halal and haram are clear, but there are gray things in between, and gray things should be avoided rather than risked. And if your mind is healthy, your thoughts, actions, and words and actions will also be healthy!
That’s right. If halal and haram are mixed, haram prevails. Therefore, haram does not become halal unless certain conditions are met, such as when it cannot be avoided, such as in an emergency.

Effects of a Halal Diet on the Body and Mind

It goes without saying that daily eating is very important for people to maintain their health, but Islamic law considers that eating has a great influence on a person’s spirit, morals and attitudes. It is also thought that eating good halal things and good halal behavior are linked. The Holy Scriptures of the Quran read:

23:51 O apostles, eat of good and pure things, and do good works. We know what you do.

Islam aims to be a good deed, a good person, and a servant of obedience to Allah Almighty, so we try to eat a good halal diet and keep ourselves healthy both mentally and physically.

If you would like to read the full story of Imam Mohsen
الحلال والحرام – Halal_and_haram

Let’s understand Islam and halal in the video!

Whether it is halal or haram is not limited to food. Everything is true in the daily life of a Muslim.


About halal food

Food and beverages are necessary for people to live every day. Most of them can be consumed because Muslims are halal, but some are not suitable for Muslims to consume. Non-halal foods:

  • Land animals that have not been slaughtered halal
  • Contains Najis
  • Poisonous substances, clearly harmful to health, intoxicating substances

All animals are halal, but some animals cannot be eaten.

What is Najis (the Unclean)

Dogs and pigs, things related to them (saliva, hair, skin, bowel movements, etc.) , blood, pus, vomiting,  feces, pigs and dog sperm, eggs (sperm and eggs of other animals are not Najis. Dead meat, animals that are halal but not halal, foods or beverages that contain alcoholic beverages


Halal spelling Halal is written as حلال in Arabic. Written in Roman alphabet, it is Halal, but between ha and la there is an L and an aa that stretches it, so when pronounced it it is Halal. Therefore, if you write it in katakana, halal is the correct notation.

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