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Halal Certification Procedure

1. Flow until Halal Certification Acquisition

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Knowledge acquisition / training

(Judgment on whether or not to proceed with certification further)

Application for Halal Certification
Document Audit
Non Conformance Report and  Corrective Action Report
On-site audits
Non Conformance Report and Corrective Action Report
Approval of the Decision Board Committee

Issuance of Halal Certificate

2. Conditions of Applying for Halal Certification

  1. Acquiring ISO9000s, GMP, HACCP, or ISO22000 is a prerequisite for applying for halal certification. However, even if you have not acquired these certifications, if we judged that the level is equivalent at pre inspection, you can apply for halal certification.
  2. If you wish to export, please carefully check the requirements of the export destination (country regulations for food additives, packaging requirements, etc.) before applying for halal certification.
  3. In the course of the pre inspection and the halal certification application, we will conclude a business contract and a confidentiality agreement.

In addition, we can not accept applications in the following cases.

  1. If it is not included in the field subject to halal certification of our association
  2. If the application contains falsehoods
  3. The information submitted is insufficient to carry out the certification audit.
  4. When the Association is too busy that have no choice but postponing the audit.

3. Application for Halal Certification (Pre Inspection and Audit)

If you wish to make a new application for pre inspection or this audit, please contact us first by e-mail from “Contact Us”.

After that, please apply from the halal certification application form below. After receiving the application, we will hand over the “Submission Document List” necessary for the pre inspection and this audit. In accordance with the format, you will are required to prepare and submit documents related to raw materials, manufacturing processes, etc. In the case of pre inspection, even if there are elements that are not halal at the time of inspection, please contact us because it may be possible to obtain halal certification by substituting raw materials or changing the manufacturing process.

4. List of companies that have acquired halal certification (only for companies that have been publicly announced)

We will introduce companies that have acquired certification by our association.

5. Cleanliness and cleaning

If there is a handling of pigs or pig-derived raw materials before obtaining certification, we will conduct a Ritual cleansing.

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