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Halal certification application form

    In the application form, you need to attach the Excel file of the submission document "4.1 Halal certified product list". It will be used as certified product data attached to the second page of the certificate.

    Please prepare the Excel file of the documents to be submitted "4.1 Halal certified product list" so that it can be uploaded at the time of application, and then proceed to the application form. If you do not know the file, please contact us by email before applying.

    Contact: otoiawase atmark jhalal.com
    Please replace "atmark" with half-width "@".

    1.Information on certificate

    Please enter everything in uppercase letters.
    Please fill in the application details accurately. As stated on the certificate

    Company Name (Required

    Premises Name (Required)

    Registration No (Required)

    Name of company representative(Required)

    Company Address (HQ) (Required)

    Premises Address (Factory) (Required)

    Name of Production Line (Required)

    Certificate of Registration copy (Required)

    Product name list (Required)
    * Product name list to be attached to the second page of the certificate

    2.Company information

    Name of person in charge (Required)

    E-mail of person in charge (Required)



    Billing address (Required)


    Nature of business (Required)

    obtained certification (Required)

    HalalISO22000/ISO9001HACCPGMPNoneOtherIf Other

    3. Application details

    Type of certification to apply for (Required)

    Pre InspectionNew ApplicationRenewal ApplicationAdditional ApplicationSales company ApplicationSurveillance Audit 1Surveillance Audit 2

    Details of products you wish to obtain Halal certification

    In the case of pre inspection and new application, please attach the details of your company. (product catalogs, websites, etc.)


    Additional application

    Desired date of on-site audit
    *The factory must be in operation during the on-site audit. (Required)


    With exportOnly domestic

    Destination country name
    (Required if "with export")
    *Please fill in the exporting country accurately in order to meet the certification standards of the exporting country.

    MalaysiaSingaporeIndonesiaUAESaudi ArabiaTurkeyOtherIf Other:

    Do you use halal logo domestically? (Required)


    4. Certification category


    There is a history of manufacturing products containing pigs or pig-derived ingredients on a production line for which certification is desired.(Required)


    Have you taken the Halal manager training? (Required)


    Would you like to have an interview if you have not?(Required)


    Is it okay to publish your company name on our website after obtaining halal certification?(Required)


    Number of employees working on Halal certified product manufacturing lines(Required)

    HACCP critical control points

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