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Ritual Cleansing

Ritual Cleansing

Ritual cleansing that cleans things that come into contact with severe najiis (pigs and pigs are products). The method we use is seven times washes under the supervision of  Muslim, the first of which is a detergent containing clay components. Only if there is a history of severe Najis in the facilities and equipment subject to Halal Certification Acquisition, it will be conducted at the stage before the Halal Certification audit begins. Or it may be done when serving a halal meal at a restaurant or event venue. When carrying out cleaning, it is necessary to have a discussion with us in advance because the amount of work and detergent varies depending on the scale and complexity. Please contact us after submitting materials that show the contents and details of what to be claened.

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Confirm the scale (floor plan), amount of detergent, whether water can be used, etc. If necessary, conduct site inspections (for a fee)

Conduct Ritual Cleansing
Detergent will be sent in advance (fee required), worker arrangement (provided by applicant), Muslim staff from JHA (fee required)

Issuance of Certificate of Completion of Religious Cleansing

Applying Ritual cleansing on dishes and utensils at the event venue where Muslims visit Applying Ritual cleansing at an in-flight meal company (Photo provided with courtesy by AASC)

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