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Thank you for visiting the homepage of the Japan Halal Association.

Halal certification is explained in the following steps. We hope that our efforts will be a good guidepost for Japan companies to lead to the halal industry. After confirming the contents, we would be happy if you could choose us as a partner to obtain halal certification.

Is it really necessary to obtain halal certification?

Before proceeding to obtain Halal Certification, first understand how Halal Certification affects your products and services, how much money and effort it takes, and what is required to maintain and manage it. Let’s make a business plan for halalization after thorough market research, such as whether the effect can be expected to be commensurate with the cost and labor of obtaining certification, what risks are involved in obtaining certification, whether it meets the needs of the market, whether the taste and product selection are correct, etc. If it is a new export product, it is also important to test sell and market it without halal certification first.

Do I really need Halal Certification?
~Checkpoints before application~

Case 1 There was a request for halal certification from a business partner. ->Proceed to the Certification Acquisition Procedure!

Case 2I didn’t receive a request from business partner, but I think it might be better to obtain certification.

Let’s consider whether authentication is really necessary.

  • Does certification add value?
  • Is it required by consumers?
Let’s conduct market research such as whether the taste of the exporting country and the price range match.
We are convinced that certification is effective as a marketing tool for our company!
->Proceed to the Certification Acquisition Procedure!

Case 3We are not currently exporting, but since domestic demand is limited, we would like to consider exporting in the future.

First of all, let’s aim to “export” without halal certification.
Some products may not require certification. Let’s check the voice of the market firmly.
Confident that the certification is valid!
->Proceed to the Certification Acquisition Procedure!
The point is to determine whether halal certification is really necessary. Even if you take the time and effort to obtain certification, if there is no demand, you will not be able to use the certification effectively. In order to prevent this from happening, we recommend that you prepare thoroughly in advance.

We hold two seminars every month: Muslim Service Hospitality Course and the Halal Manager Course. The workshop is widely used by companies wishing to obtain halal certification, companies that have already obtained it, people who are thinking about dealing with Muslims in the service industry in the future, students and individuals, etc. What is Islam, what is Halal, What is Halal Certification, If you want to know more about the Halal Certification Management System, please join us.

We have established a membership system. Participation in the workshop may be advantageous as a member price, so please consider it by all means.

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