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This is a list of services provided by us. Our main duties are halal certification and monthly courses, but in addition to that, we also provide support to businesses that want to acquire knowledge about halal and Islam and expand customer service, and from the viewpoint of educational support, we conduct seminars, question correspondence, and interview correspondence for students. We provide contents according to the purpose, so please feel free to consult us first.

  • About Halal Certification
    Simply put, halal certification is a mechanism to confirm with objective evidence that “things prohibited by Islam” or “haram” are not included in products and services, and certify them.
  • List of Services - Regular Courses
    Monthly Seminar
    In the workshop held once a month, students will learn about the basic knowledge of Islam, how to operate and manage halal certification, and how to treat Muslims such as accepting the increasing number of foreign tourists and corporate interns.
  • List of Services - Seminars
    In the fields of “What is Islam?”, “What is Halal?”, “What is Halal Certification?”, “Export to the Islamic World”, “Human Rights and Diversity”, etc., we dispatch lecturers to local governments, schools, companies, industry groups, academic societies, events, etc. in order to talk at seminars with custom-made contents according to the desired theme.
  • List of Services - Making Facilities Muslim-friendly
    Facilitating Muslim Lifestyle
    When public places of worship and small purification facilities are set up in places visited by tourists, such as airports, lodging, and commercial facilities, there are cases where they can be installed so that worship can be performed in each room of a hotel or the like.
  • Ritual Cleansing (religious cleaning)
    Cleansing and washing refers to cleaning that cleans things that come into contact with severe najis (pigs and pigs are products). The method we use is seven washes under the supervision of our Muslim staff, the first of which is a detergent containing clay components.
  • List of Services - Student Support
    Support for Student
    Regardless of whether it is in Japan or abroad, we fully support students’ activities related to Islam and halal. As fellow Muslim children carving out a future together in society, we want them to know about Muslims, so we accept everything related to Islam and halal that students request, such as surveys for graduation report, Q&A sessions on high school research assignments, exchange meetings between overseas Muslim students and Japan students, study sessions and workshops.

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