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In today’s globalized world, it is said that one in four people is a Muslim, so there is a possibility that the existence of Muslims will become very close to their daily life in the future. Neighbors living in the area may be Muslims, colleagues, classmates, business partners, customers, etc. Knowing the nature of religion and the customs of those who practice it broadens one’s perspective widely, respects different values, and gain the wealth of knowledge in acquiring the sense of diversity. In the fields of “What is Islam?”, “What is Halal?”, “What is Halal Certification?”, “Export to Islamic Countries”, “Human Rights and Diversity”, etc., we have lecturers to local governments, schools, companies, industry groups, academic societies, events, etc. To talk at seminars with custom-made contents according to the desired theme. Please contact us if you wish.

*We are unable to conduct a seminar for any specific company.


  • 2013 Southeast and South Asia Seminar (Kansai Economic Federation) , Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kansai International Airport Overall Concept Promotion Council, New Kansai International Airport Corporation
  • Survey project on food culture, etc. of tourists visiting Japan -Muslim tourists Seminar for the reception of Chiba Prefectural Government, Department of Commerce, Industry and Labor, Tourism Planning Division
  • 2014Presented at a seminar hosted by Okinawa Prefecture</ li>
  • “Diversity in Asian consumer behavior” research team series seminar No. 4th University of Shizuoka
  • Asia Food Market Development Seminar ~For Entering the Halal Market~ Hiroshima Prefecture
  • The 2nd Saitama Prefecture Halal Cosmetics Workshop Saitama Prefecture >
  • Muslim life and food culture Efforts to spread Halal in Japan Nara women’s college
  • 2015Interacted with 70 Muslim students at Osaka Shoin Women’s University Conducted a training course for chief staff.
  • Sponsored by JETRO ABCs of Accepting Muslims Gifu Prefecture</ li>
  • Seminar “Muslims Learn the Basics of Halal” Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Halal Policy Discussion Seminar – Korean Government
  • 2016Interacted with 70 Muslim students at Shoin Girls High School in Osaka Conducted a training course for chief staff.
  • Business, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Muslim Acceptance Seminar Ehime Prefectural International Affairs Division</ li>
  • Yokohama City Muslim Traveler Acceptance Seminar Yokohama City
  • Halal certification and food packaging materials (public) Japan Association of Packaging Engineers
  • Knowing about Islamic culture-Corporate response to Islam and its business opportunities Tokyo Chamber of Commerce
  • Comprehensive Sociology Faculty Seminar “What is Islam and what is Muslim?” Kinki University
  • 2017The latest trends in Halal certification standards and the current state of packaging materials Japan Packaging Technology Association
  • Presented at JETRO Osaka Headquarters Islamic Market Food Export Promotion Seminar</span >
  • Presented at seminar to promote acceptance of Muslim tourists sponsored by Nara City
  • 2018Seminar on important points in Muslim-friendly business sponsored by Sapporo Industrial Promotion Foundation Presentation
  • Muslim Omotenashi Seminar hosted by Kyoto Prefecture</li >
  • 2019</ span> Sponsored by Osaka International Exchange Center Halal and Food, Islamic Culture About his seminar </ span> </ li>
  • 2021MIDA sponsored halal industry status</ li>
and many more

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